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Eire Og Derriaghy GAC

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Founded in 1932, Eire Og managed to win an Intermediate Hurling Championship and Junior Championships in both Football and Hurling in the 1930's

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1932 to 1939
Eire Og was founded in 1932 by Dan Charlton, Joe Reid and Sean Stinson. The Ogs won the Junior Hurling League, beating Tir na nOg 6-1 to 4-0 in the final, and Junior Hurling Championship in 1932, their very first year as a team.

Eire Og’s team for their first ever Hurling match in 1932 at Corrigan Park against Davitt's lined out as follows:

Joe Reid
Dan Charlton
W Bennett
W Stevenson
Matt Connelly
Albert Spotswood
Harry Devlin
Louis Corbett
Sean McCollum
Hugh O’Brien
John McGuinness
Tom Hamilton
Jimmy ‘Midge’ Hasty
Joey McTaggart
J Doherty
John McKenna

Eire Og wore shirts with green and white bars in this match. Joe Reid, Midge Hasty, Dan Charlton and Hugh O’Brien were responsible for organising the match.

The club's original colours were green, white and orange for the first two years, but they were changed to a red jersey with a broad white band because there was a clash of colours with Davitt’s, as well as being similar to other clubs.

Then, two years later, in 1934 Eire Og played in the new All County Hurling League, despite still being a South Antrim side - Sarsfields were the only other South Antrim side in it. In 1935 Eire Og had their first County hurler, Harry Devlin. In 1938 Harry was joined by fellow Ogs, Tommy Rice and Peter McGarvey, on the Antrim hurling team that defeated Galway 6-03 to 6-02 at the opening of the old Cusack Stand. Indeed between 1937 and 1939 Eire Og won a variety of Junior and Intermediate titles lifting the Biggar Shield and Intermediate Hurling Championship. Though, it wasn't until 1938 that Eire Og won their first football honours when they won the Junior Championship, Junior League and Ben Madigan Cup.

Co-Founders of Eire Og

Joe Reid
Joe Reid owned a shoe shop on the Springfield Road. His daughter, Ann, started the Ann Reid School of Irish Dancing and performed at all the social functions run by the Eire Og club. Joe played both football and hurling for the Ogs for many years. He was a touch player and a great clubman. His son, also named Joe, also played for Eire Og as goalkeeper and also played a few games for the Antrim Senior football team and winning a Junior Hurling Championship medal in 1967 with Eire Og.

Sean Stinson
Sean Stinson was a salesman in one of the large department stores in the city of Belfast. He originally came from the Ahoghill/Moneyglass/Portglenone locality. He held various positions on the South Antrim and County boards over the years. In later life he purchased a local bar at Crosskeys, Ahoghill. The amalgamated minor football County Antrim Championship winning team was named after him.

Dan Charlton
Dan Charlton came from the Ormeau Road district of Belfast. He worked for O'Connor's Wholesale Grocers before opening his own wholesale business. He opened two confectionery shops one on the Donegall Road and the other on the Andersonstown Road, which he owned until he retired. The Andersonstown shop was near St Agnes Drive and is now a barber's shop. Dan originally played for Ardoyne GAC, but being more interested in hurling, he helped found Eire Og GAC.

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