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Eire Og Derriaghy GAC

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Eire Og won both Intermediate and Junior Hurling Championships during the 1950's

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The 1950ís were to bring hurling success, but very little football success to the Ogs. In 1951 Eire Og won the Junior Hurling Championship again, beating Glenariff 4-07 to 1-06 in the final. The following year, 1952, saw two more hurling titles for Eire Og. The Intermediate Hurling Championship was won, as was the South Antrim Hurling Championship.

In football the Ogs were also beaten 1-05 to 0-04 by Rossa in the final of the Senior Football Championship in 1951. Indeed 1951 was the last year that Antrim won the Ulster Football Championship. Eire Og had 5 representatives in the team - Jimmy Roe, Brian O'Kane, Peter O'Hara and Donagh Forde all started, while David O'Kane was one of the substitutes. Since then Eire Og's glory days have faded somewhat, so too, funnily enough have Antrim's!!

1951 Junior Hurling Champions

In the mid 1950ís the club was finding it difficult to field teams in both football and hurling. In an effort to prevent the club from losing players to other clubs, Tommy Rice decided to merge Eire Og with the St Paulís club for a short time. This arrangement worked very well, until the Ogs were able to field their own teams again.

Take a look at a typical team sheet from the mid 1950ís below:

March 22 1954: Eire Og 2-04 Sarsfields 2-03

J McCarthy
J McErlean G Bradley C Murphy
D Shearer P OíHara M Nesson
J Gibson J Roe
W OíNeill B OíKane P Donnelly
H Greenwood M Morgan T Rice

1950 Senior Football Team

Tommy Forde was a member of Eire Ogís football teams throughout the 1950ís. He also played soccer for Northern Ireland and can be seen in the middle of the front row in the photograph above.