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Indoor Hurling 5-a-side Tournament 2003
Indoor Hurling 5-a-side Tournament 2003

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Eire Og held an Indoor 5-a-side Hurling tournament starting Saturday March 15th. It ran for 6 weeks each Saturday at the Andersonstown Leisure Centre.

Participating Teams:
Eire Og (Hosts)
St John's
St Gall's
St Paul's
Gort na Mona
St Agnes'

Eire Og held an Indoor 5-a-side Hurling tournament starting Saturday March 15th. It ran for 6 weeks each Saturday at the Andersonstown Leisure Centre.

Eire Og Team - Indoor Hurling 5-a-side Tournament 2003

Andersonstown Leisure Centre Hurling Development Initiative
In conjunction with Eire Og G.A.C. and the South Antrim Committee of the G.A.A.

The aim of this initiative is to introduce children of Primary 5 and 6 ages to the basic skills of ground hurling through the medium of the ‘mini-game’ of Indoor Hurling. It is anticipated that this will build on the work being carried out at club level by providing short periods of concentrated activity in a ‘marginally’ competitive situation and in a comfortable environment. It represents one aspect of the Leisure Centre’s commitment to sports development in West Belfast, specifically in broadening the base of participation, raising the levels of performance and encouraging a healthier lifestyle through sporting activity.

Individual clubs are required to bring club jerseys and hurling helmets to all sessions. They will also be required to provide a team mentor for a mixed team in session 3 or 4 (details enclosed)

Andersonstown Leisure Centre will provide the specialised indoor hurls and balls. Clubs are asked NOT to bring their own sticks

Eire Og G.A.C will provide referees and on-the-day organisation

N.B. This development initiative is restricted to children in P5 and P6 Format Participating clubs will be split into two groups. Group 1 will be involved in activities in; Week 1 – 15th March Week 3 – 29th March and either Week 5 OR Week 6 (this will be decided as the initiative progresses) Group 2 will be involved in; Week 2 – 22nd March Week 4 – 5th April and either Week 5 OR Week 6

Weeks 1 and 2 will be introductory sessions to allow newcomers to Indoor Hurling to get accustomed to the rules and format of the game. Six clubs will be involved in each session and each will be guaranteed two matches. Matches will last seven minutes each way. There will be no prizes or trophies for match winners.

In weeks 3 and 4 all children attending will not be representing their own clubs. All children attending will be randomly selected to represent a ‘county’ team. It is for the purpose of organising these ‘county’ teams that each club is required to provide a mentor. He/she will then look after that team. For instance; the St. John’s mentor will be asked to look after Laois and they will wear the St. John’s (Laois) jerseys. The Eire Og mentor will be asked to look after Derry and so on. Again each team will be guaranteed two matches and there will be no prizes or trophies for winners.

Special events are planned for weeks 5 and 6. Full details of these will be provided to participating clubs after two weeks of the programme

It is also anticipated that this Hurling initiative will be used to introduce some young people (under 16’s and Minors) to refereeing and officiating, an area of activity that is often overlooked. Participating clubs, their officials and parents are asked to bear this in mind and to give their full support to these novice referees and not to undermine their confidence and enthusiasm.

Eire Og team in action

Playing Rules

All clubs should report to Andersonstown Leisure Centre (Sports Hall) for 2.00 p.m.
Players squads are limited to 10 children, boys or girls.
Five-a-side, ground hurling only. Any attempts to lift the ball (whether to the hand or ‘65’ style) before striking will be deemed a foul and a free hit awarded.
All free hits are taken from the ground.
Unlimited substitutions are permitted but must take place during a break in play
All games are seven minutes each way. There will only be a minimal break at half- time to allow for a change of ends.
All children must wear protective helmets at all times while on court.
The goalkeeper must stay in his area at all times. A free hit will be awarded if he moves out of his area to play the ball. The goalkeeper may however reach outside the area to play the ball so long as both feet remain inside the area.
If an outfield player enters the goalkeeper’s area to play the ball or strikes the ball while it is in the area, a free hit will be awarded or, in the case of a defender, a penalty will be awarded.
Children must wear appropriate indoor footwear.
Deliberate kicking of the ball will be deemed a foul and penalised with a free hit. The exception to this is the goalkeeper who may use his/her feet to play the ball.
As far as possible the games will be ‘non-contact’ and undue contact or forceful play will result in a free hit being awarded.
Only goals will count as scores.
Rebounds from side or end walls are permitted
Outfield players may not deliberately play the ball back to the goalkeeper. A free hit will be awarded if this occurs.
Persistent fouling, cursing or dissent may be punished by 2 minutes in the ‘sin-bin’ during which time no substitute will be allowed. Deliberate striking will result in a players exclusion from the remainder of the match. Additionally all matters of a disciplinary nature will be reported to Bord na nOg and dealt with under their Disciplinary Code.
Referees decisions are final

Leisure Centre Rules

There should be no hurling taking place in the Sports Hall apart from the match in progress. This is especially relevant in the spectator/waiting area.
Mentors are asked to try, as far as is possible, to keep the children in the Sports Hall and under supervision.
Mentors are asked to ensure that no food or drinks are consumed in the Sports Hall, and particularly on the playing area. An area will be set aside for children in which to take their drinks and crisps.
In the event of the fire alarm being sounded, mentors are NOT to go to other parts of the Centre in search of their team members. If they are in another part of the Centre, they will be evacuated by Leisure Centre Staff. Mentors should just move the children who are in the hall out through the emergency exit doors. Do not take children back through the Centre.
Any injuries should be reported to Centre staff.
Mentors are asked to co-operate at all times with Centre staff