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Eire Og Derriaghy GAC

Eire Og Doire Achaidh Club Honours

Eire Og's finest moment came when they won the 1948 Senior Football Championship

Eire Og Doire Achaidh has won titles in football and hurling at all levels. The proudest moment of the club came in 1948 when they won the Senior Football Championship. Three years later they were unable to repeat that success falling to Rossa in the 1951 SFC final. The Ogs have also won Intermediate and Junior Football Championships, league titles as well as Beringer and Martin Cups.

In hurling, Eire Ogs primary sport in their early days, they have won Intermediate, Junior and South Antrim Championships, along with the league - the senior title eluding them and denying them the clean sweep of county championships.

At underage level the juvenile Ogs have also performed well. Two Minor Football Championships in 1960 and 1981, a South Antrim Football Sevens Championship title and several Butler Cups and league titles have been brought to the Ogs by their minors. Also, from Under 8 up to Under 16 several leagues and tournaments have been won.

See the tables below for a full list of Championships, Cups, Leagues and Tournaments won by various Ogs teams since 1932. Click on the trophy won to see more details about that success (where applicable).

Senior Football Honours

Championships Cups Leagues
1948 Senior Football Championship 1979 Beringer Cup 1938 Junior League
  1980 Beringer Cup 1947 Junior League
1985 Intermediate Football Championship   1961 Junior Supplementary League
  1974 Martin Cup 1974 South Antrim Division 2
1938 Junior Football Championship 1982 Martin Cup 1978 ACFL Division 3
1979 Junior Football Championship 1983 Martin Cup 1989 Senior Reserve Division 2
2001 Junior Football Championship 1989 Martin Cup 1990 Senior Reserve Division 2
  2005 Martin Cup  
  1937 Biggar Shield  
  1938 Ben Madigan Cup  
  1984 Eire Og Tournament  

* Eire Og were also Senior Football Championship Finalists in 1951, Beringer Cup Finalists in 1978 and Martin Cup Finalists in 1995 and 2002

Senior Hurling Honours

Championships Cups Leagues
1937 Intermediate Hurling Championship   1932 Junior League
1952 Intermediate Hurling Championship    
1932 Junior Hurling Championship    
1951 Junior Hurling Championship    
1967 Junior Hurling Championship    
1974 Junior Hurling Championship    
1952 South Antrim Hurling Championship    
1974 South Antrim Hurling Championship    

Minor Football & Hurling Honours

Championships Cups Leagues
1960 Minor Football Championship 1983 Butler Cup 1987 Football Division 2
1981 Minor Championship 1986 Butler Cup 1989 Football Division 2
1986 South Antrim Minor Football C'ship 1987 Butler Cup 1990 Football Division 2
1987 South Antrim Minor Football C'ship 1990 Butler Cup (Final not played) 2005 Winter League Section A
2001 South Antrim Sevens Championship   1972 Hurling League

Juvenile Football & Hurling Honours

Under 14 Under 12 Under 10, Under 9, Under 8
1999 Football Division 2 1990 Football Division 2 2002 Locus Management P4 Blitz
1999 Hurling Division 2 2004 Football Division 2 2003 Aldergrove Football Blitz Tournament
    2004 St Teresa's Tournament - Shield
  1979 Hurling Division 2 2005 Sean McCartan U10 Endeavour Shield
  1994 Hurling Division 2