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Eire Og's Player Profiles

Take a look at the great and not-so-great, the good, the bad and the ugly, the famous and infamous. Eire Og's very own rogue's gallery is up and running. Simply click on the link or picture of whoever you want to read about. If you want to have your own personal page on the Eire Og web site please let me know by emailing me on and ask for a questionnaire to fill out. Feel free to send in photos, stories and opinions about yourself or anyone else! Slaggings are more than welcome, but keep it clean!

Click on whoever you want to look at and see their vital statistics!

Conor Wills

Pat Rice

Tommy Rice

Neil Ryan

Paul Taggart

Jonny Quinn

Fergal Lynch

Kieran Ryan

Pat Trainor

Niall Canavan

Jimmy Morgan

Adrian Doherty

Colm McAuley

Peter Elliott

Matt Morgan

Joe George

Joe Gibson
Sean Rice

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