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Senior Hurling

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Larne 1-05 2-08 O’Mitchel Óg W
St Teresa's 4-16 1-03 O’Mitchel Óg L
Sarsfield's 3-07 2-10 O’Mitchel Óg D
St Agnes 2-20 0-03 O’Mitchel Óg L
O’Mitchel Óg 2-03 3-09 Cloughmills L
O’Mitchel Óg 1-05 2-12 Bredagh L
O’Mitchel Óg - - St Enda's 13/06/2007
Davitt's 2-13 2-05 O’Mitchel Óg L
St Enda's - - O’Mitchel Óg 08/07/2007
Creggan Gaels - - O’Mitchel Óg 15/09/2007
O’Mitchel Óg 2-07 2-17 Ballymena L
O’Mitchel Óg 1-06 6-12 Ardoyne L
O’Mitchel Óg - - Na Fuiseoig 28/10/2007
O’Mitchel Óg - - St Paul's 07/11/2007

Junior Hurling Championship
Group 1
O'Mitchel Og
Winners of the the four group stages will go through to the semi-finals

Group Matches

Round 1: O’Mitchel Óg 4-3 La Tharna Óg, Larne 5-6

The Ógs started off well with big Chris McClean striking the back of the net after the 1st 10 mins. Then Hugh John McPoland put over a free. It looked like we were in control until Larne took a free from the 65 which somehow landed in the back of the net. Colm Rice then put us in front by 4 when he pulled on the ground in the goal mouth, placing the ball in the corner of the net. After that, Larne got a few goals out of nothing, putting them in front by a couple of points. There was a scramble on the 14 yard line and the ball dribbled past the keeper. The luck seemed to be with Larne, getting an awkward bounce in to the back of the net. O’Mitchel Ógs then struck a few frees coming from Niall Rice and Hugh John McPoland.

At the start of the second half the Ógs pulled back another goal. Then Larne put everything into the Ógs box testing the Ógs full back line Joe George, Paddy Rice and Mark McGovern, but it seemed that nothing was going to get through them. Larne couldn’t seem to deal with Niall Rice or the 2 McIlhattans (Gabe & Aidso) ending in O’Mitchel Ógs getting 6 or 7 frees. Hugh John McPoland struck a couple of lovely frees from far out, but they just landed a few yards short.

Joe George and Paddy Rice were solid in defense but Larne's fitness showed in the end when they threw everything at us during the last 10 minutes testing the substitute keeper. A very disappointing result against a team they would have expected to beat.

Eire Og players: Paddy Rice, Colm Rice, Niall Rice, Joe George, Chris McClean, Hugh John McPoland

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