Javascript Test Section - Prompts and IF statements

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Text Manipulation

1st Example
Yes No

2nd Example

Part 1 Part 2

3rd Example

4th Example

Mouseover to focus Mouseover to select

Code for opening other pages

Eire Og Home Page

Time Function


??? Arsenal Forwards

Sends Current Window to the Fore or Back

sends the window to the back
Window to back
sends the window to the fore
Window to fore

Inputting Text & Using it

Who does the monkey love?

Guest Gear

View My Guestbook
Sign My Guestbook

Check Boxes

Checkbox 1
Click to check Checkbox 1
Click to uncheck Checkbox 1
Click to see the value of Checkbox 1
The Light Switch

Radio Buttons

Light Off Light On

Poll Gear

Text Options

BOLD text



RIGHT Aligned

CENTRE Aligned

LEFT Aligned

Header Text 1

Header Text 2

Header Text 3

Header Text 4

Header Text 5

Font Size 1

Font Size 2

Font Size 3

Font Size 4

Font Size 5

Font Size 6

Scrolling Text or Image

This is a scrolling message bar

Inserting an image


Link to this page

Click here for details!

Message when hovering over me!

Current Date

Slide Show of Images

Image Changes when mouse hovers above it


Table Properties

This is a Table within a Table
This is the other Table within the large Table. Text, images or whatever can be put here.

Searching the Web Site

Search term:
Case-sensitive? yes
exact fuzzy

Linking Text within a page

This will take you back up to where it says Bold text

Click on specific area of an image to link to another page

Click on me to go to this test page!

Drop Down list for Navigation